Holiday Security Checklist

In the middle of planning for your year end summer vacation, it is easy to forget to check up on your security. Read these tips to make sure your home’s security is in order.


Save Water & Have A Beautiful Summer Garden

It is possible to have a beautiful garden and save water. We’ve prepared a list of tips on how to do that, just in time for summer!


Get Your Pool Ready For Summer

HomeFixer Tips Pool Care & Maintenance

Follow these quick tips from Chris of Jozi Pools on how to get your pool ready for summer and use the least amount water.


pbArtisan: Construction, Renovation & Maintenance For Commercial & Residential Clients


pbArtisan is a commercial and residential construction and maintenance business in Gauteng. Their approach involves 3D modelling and rendering to help their clients visualise the project and make the best choices during the planning and costing stages of a project. Pairing diligent project management with highly-skilled artisans, pbArtisan ensures their high standards are met throughout the project. Delivering peace of mind to commercial and residential clients. We asked Paul from pbArtisan to tell us a bit about how they work and to get some tips and insights into planning a renovation or new build.


Kitchen Design and Installation

Kitchen design, installation, planning tips and insights

We asked Antoinette Prinsloo, sales & design consultant at Ergo Designer Kitchens’ all about Kitchen design, installation and planning. Read on for great tips and insights from the 2014 KSA designer of the year!


The difference between a cheap plumber and a good plumber – HomeFixer Tips

Find good plumbers on the HomeFixer app

It is very likely that every house owner or renter has at some point sat in front of their computer and Googled ‘cheap plumber’ instead of ‘good plumber’ or ‘reliable plumber’. The best way to choose service providers for your home is probably not just a question of price.


Solar Power- HomeFixer Tips

Solar Power Affordability

Is solar worth it for the average South African home? Solar power makes obvious sense, especially in South Africa. In this quick explainer we look at the costs vs. the returns for the average family home.


Choosing The Right Kind Of Fireplace – HomeFixer Tips

fireplace image modern

Fireplaces are found in many South African homes and nothing warms the heart or hearth like a wood fire… The ambience and aesthetic value, truly make it a special part of your home. To decide what kind of fireplace is best for your needs and how to get the most out of it requires a bit of research. Read on to get some timely fireplace tips.


Grey Water Systems – HomeFixer Tips

In a water poor country with increasing uncertainty over water supply, all water users will have to become more efficient. Grey water systems are the most feasible short term solution, for businesses and home users. Read on for a quick explainer on grey water systems.


HomeFixer Tips – Red Flags When Hiring Contractors & Tradesmen

red flags when receiving quotes from service providers

HomeFixer was conceived to help people hire trusted contractors and tradesmen more easily. We monitor our service providers closely, please watch out for the following ‘red flags’ when getting quotes from any service provider.


HomeFixer Tips – Using The App To Request Quotes

Quote Request Tips HomeFixer App

The HomeFixer app connects people with service providers for their homes. Being able to quickly find a trusted service provider for all your home’s needs is a game changer! The app user can view profiles, ratings and reviews and choose the best service providers. Search results can also be filtered for verified, emergency availability, distance and also ratings. All of these features make the app a great tool for finding the right contractor for your needs. To get the most out of the service, putting the right information in your quote request will help the service providers give the user accurate and fast cost estimates. Read on for some quick tips on what information you should include.


HomeFixer Security Checklist – Moving Into a New Home

homefixer app has lock smiths, alarm, security, home automation and gate, burglar guard services in the app

Moving into a new home is stressful and we often forget to think about security. Use this handy, quick to read check list to make sure you minimise your risk.


HomeFixer Service Provider Feature – LVG Projects

LVG PLUMBING service provider article

We chatted to Leon from LVG Projects in Cape Town, about all things plumbing, especially what it takes to learn how to be a plumber and why it is important to hire a professional & accredited plumber.


HomeFixer Service Provider Feature – Bamboo Warehouse

Bamboo Warehouse installation team

With a presence across South Africa, Bamboo Warehouse provide expert installation as well as supplying high-quality bamboo flooring. We asked Pierre Joubert about all Bamboo flooring…


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