Holiday Security Checklist

In the middle of planning for your year end summer vacation, it is easy to forget to check up on your security. Read these tips to make sure your home’s security is in order.

Test your Alarm a few weeks before you leave. Inform your security company that you are testing and ask them to look out for any issues. This ensures there is ample time to repair any faults.

Find out from your neighbours who will be around while you are gone, ask them if they know what your alarm sounds like and make sure you have each other on a WhatsApp group.

Arrange to pause your newspaper deliveries, garden services (or make sure they have access) and get someone to empty your mail.

Use timers to switch some lights on at night. Outdoor lights are very effective deterrents.

Crop and trim garden foliage that would provide camouflage to would be robbers.

Check your boundary walls and fences, look for any weaknesses in your security.
Test your electric fence.

If you have house or pet sitters ensure they understand the security protocols.

Make sure your extra keys and remotes are stored out of sight. Don’t put spare keys under mats, pots or anything else! Only give keys to those who need them.

Consider biometric access control and or home automation security features that allow you to control and monitor access. Home automation technology is becoming more affordable and delivers massive value.

Make sure your home insurance is in order.

And lastly, please travel safely, have a great holiday.

Team HomeFixer

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