In 2017, HomeFixer founder, Renaldo Bothma renovated his house. The experience of finding reliable contractors for the project was what inspired him to start HomeFixer.

Today HomeFixer has grown into an app and site that connects people with 100’s of trusted service providers in their area, making it easy to find a reliable contractor.

Getting quick quotes and estimates reduces stress and saves time while the rating system ensures that service providers deliver on their promises to HomeFixer users.

Renaldo’s mission to improve customer service is well underway.
With the goal of making it easier and safer to find contractors for your home reached, the next goal is to further improve the customer experience.

The HomeFIxer story has only just begun, watch this space!

What We Do And Why

We have created a digital platform that connects people with trusted suppliers for their homes. Our platform brings leads and work to our listed service providers and makes it easier for people to find good service providers. Our aim is to develop the platform to continue to improve the process of finding and hiring contractors and service providers for the home. We believe that technology can improve customer service and the customer’s experience, whilst helping service providers to find new customers. Finding new ways to improve our customers' lives is what excites us the most!

Customer Benefits

Finding a good service provider is often difficult. There are many horror stories of projects gone wrong and unhappy customers. By creating a publically visible rating system, we can improve trust and incentivise service providers at the same time. As well as improving trust in service providers, the process of getting quotes or contacting service providers is much more efficient. The HomeFixer app and site makes it possible to get multiple quotes in minutes. This is a big time saver and help when undertaking a home improvment project of any size.

Service Provider Benefits

Whether a service provider is a one man business or has multiple branches, finding new customers while managing your existing customer’s projects is a tough challenge. HomeFixer helps service providers find customers by putting a limited amount of trusted service providers into each area’s listings. Users of the app or the site will get results in their area when they search for a service provider. Each service provider has a profile that can be used to show what makes their business special as well as show some of their work. The user can then contact the service provider directly by phone or text as well as sending a quote request with a photo to help the service provider assess the situation.

Getting Your Business Listed

Signing up to be listed on HomeFixer is simple and quick. The application form can be filled out in minutes. We need some information about your business and your logo, some pics to showcase your work and your location co-ordinates. We use your location as the centre of your operating area and your business will come up in searches made by users within that radius. You will receive quote request via email as well as people calling or texting you directly.